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G-Clock is a desktop clock which shows time, date and day of the week on display of your computer. G-Clock stay on top of other programs which allow to you easy to view information that it shows. Visual settings allows you to achieve optimal visual style according to your requirements. Also you can set sound to play at complete hour, alarm, system shut down time. G-Clock require MS Windows 2000/XP or newer.
G-clock and G-Clock on top calendar displays information in any language according to windows regional settings of computer it is running on.

Screen Shots of G-Clock

Windows system settings for China
Windows system settings for Egypt
Windows system settings for USA

current version:
OS: Windows 2000 / XP / XP(64) / 2003 / 2003(64) / Vista / Vista(64)
settings interface: english
clock interface: All languages (depends of regional settings)
size: 1.38MB
installer: yes
uninstaller: yes
autor: Ventsislav Alexandriyski
date: 03.january.2009
license: shareware
extras: on top calendar
other versions:
g-clock 1.2 EN
g-clock 1.1e_ EN
g-clock 1.1e_ BG

Click here or here Download G-Clock 1.2